jeu. 09 déc. | Maisons-Laffitte Train Station

Paris Walks : Julie Manet: growing-up with the Impressionnists

Paris Walks : Julie Manet: growing-up with the Impressionnists

Time & Location

09 déc., 09:00
Maisons-Laffitte Train Station, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte, France

About the Event

Julie Manet: growing-up with the Impressionnists

This fascinating show at the Musée Marmottan (one of the richest depositories of Morisot’s works as well as those of a plethora of other Impressionists) offers a feast for the eye as well as a unique chance to discover paintings from private collections, revealing photographs, unique documents and a multitude of personal treasures, all thanks to the generous donation of the famous Morisot-Rouart clan.

Imagine your whole childhood captured in paintings: from a little girl dipping your toy animals in a basin full of water to a young pre-teen laying on the grass in a dreamy haze; from having fun with your girlfriends picking cherries at the top of a ladder to staring back sulkily in full teenager mode, faithful dog by your side.

Imagine every tiny moment of your existence captured on canvas: you as a toddler with your elegant but frail father, sitting together on a bench or playing in the garden. And there, you again, your mother’s adored model, trying on a wide-brimmed hat or carefully tying with a ribbon the cascade of your youthful hair. 

When you are an only child, there is no escape: strong minded, determined, stubborn, independent - and celebrated - Berthe Morisot (1841-1895) will relentlessly capture your whims as well as your moods at every opportunity and at every age, chronicling all the facets of your young life with colours, lines and perspectives, in drawings, pastels, and oils. How fortunate that hers was a loving family!

For Julie Manet (1878-1966) to be raised in an arty yet decidedly bourgeois household was surely something of a challenge. Both the studio and the luxurious salons were always full of Maman’s talented, passionate and loud - yet insecure and distressed - fellow painters, musicians and poets, all of them whimsical and droll yet often in the grip of despair. Julie could recall the distant memory of her uncle Edouard chuckling as he painted her seated on a watering can; she remembered cheering that handsome Monsieur Caillebotte at the regatta; or Monsieur Degas’ painting advice, always delivered with an ironic wit that blended with the strong smell of his cigars. And she would never forget her slight unease at the unpredictable tonton Claude Monet's moods - so different to the mellow ease of tonton Alfred Sisley.

By far the closest and dearest to Julie were Uncle Pierre Renoir and Uncle Stéphane Mallarmé, who took care of her when she was orphaned at the tender age of 16. With her cousin Jeannine they would both giggle as they posed, again and again, at the piano for Renoir’s “money-making composition”. What a special moment it was to listen, by the fire, to a first reading of Mallarmé’s celebrated poems. And all those dinners: what a thrill! And what fun! They were sometimes rowdy but they were never boring: gatherings of intelligent, charming, blunt and ever-passionate guests debating the Tsar’s visit or holding forth about the Dreyfus Affair!

Yes, growing up with the Impressionists was not always easy, but what an adventure - and what a tale!

Time: 10.30 – 12.45 (Please meet at 10.00 sharp! Visit must start promptly)

Place: Musée Marmottan (2, rue Louis Boilly 75016Please meet OUTSIDE, in front the museum's entrance.

IMPORTANT: Tickets will be purchased collectively, please bring change!

Métro: La Muette

Registration deadline: Thursday 02/12/22; Participation: 20 Euros

Suggestion: Like the real Passy aficionados, as you come out of the metro, head straight to the counterof the excellent Boulangerie-tea room “L’Atelier de Pains” (8, Chaussée de la Muette) and enjoy an excellent beverage while honoring their famous pains au chocolat, brioches, or (my favorite) torsades! You’ll burn-off your little excess by walking swiftly through Parc Ranelagh to reach our museum!

Lunch: Participants might like to envisage lunch at “La Gare” (14, chaussée de la Muette) a lovely old train station converted in to a restaurant.