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Payment methods

Please choose one of the following payment methods.
Carte bancaire - HelloAsso
Note that we use a third party vendor "HelloAsso" to accept online payments using credit/debit cards. This is a free and completely secured platform. Please check on "You do not wish to give any donations" while making this payment to avoid extra charges other than the membership fees.

Annual membership fee      

Mid year membership fee (active starting 1st March)
Bank transfer
Bank wire transfer to the association Maisons Laffitte International
Important: when you make the transfer, please write your full name or names, identical to the ones you put on the MLI registration form, on the subject body for the beneficiary. This will allow us to match your payment with your registration. Thank you!

Identification internationale IBAN
FR76 3000 2023 3200 0007 5090 Q79

Code B.I.C

Titulaire de compte

Banque  Indicatif   N° compte  clé RIB
30002   02332   0000075090Q    79
Cheque in favour of "Maisons Laffitte International" to be handed over to any of the board members in person or couriered to the treasurer. In order to receive the address, please contact janhavi.jasraj@gmail.com    
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