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A joyous celebration: MLI’s Christmas Party

This past weekend, Maisons Laffitte International held its much-anticipated Christmas party at the Ermitage School gym, transforming the space into a warm and welcoming gathering for nearly 150 members of our international community.


The evening was a resounding success, marked by the presence of our cherished association members and the delightful participation of the members of Ermitage International School. We were thrilled to welcome them, fostering a sense of community and shared joy.


Live music filled the air as the Puzzle, our association's band, rocked the stage, creating a lively atmosphere, followed by energetic DJ sets that kept the core partygoers dancing until the early hours of the morning.


The international culinary offerings were also a standout feature. The plentiful array of tasty food and drinks ensured the cozy and festive ambiance of the evening, with empanadas and focaccias garnering much attention.


As we reflect on the evening's festivities, MLI would like to express our deepest appreciation to Ermitage School for generously providing us with the venue, contributing immensely to the success of our celebration, and to all volunteers who contributed to making this Christmas party unforgettable.


Here's to the spirit of togetherness and the joy that this holiday season brings to our community!


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