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A Peek into French Democracy: Visit to the Assemblée Nationale

On Saturday a large group of MLIers braved the anomalies of the RER / Metro weekend travaux for a visit to the Assemblée Nationale – the French lower house of parliament.  We were welcomed by Julien a charming if slightly eccentric tour guide, whose perfect English was delivered with an interesting French/Australian accent!  The tour covered the whole building, except the library which is under repair until 2025.  Our friendly guide gave us a comprehensive tour, covering both the history and the current state of the Assemblée, including the way in which the infamous article 49.3 can be used.  The speech limit is only 2 minutes (no filibustering here), but this doesn’t stop some sessions lasting well after midnight!  Anyone can go online to book to observe the parliament in action, but beware that silence is strictly enforced and no drinks are allowed.  The tour lasted about an hour and a half, and is well worthwhile for those who would like to go but could not make it this time.  Our grateful thanks go to Valérie Singer, Collaboratrice Parlementaire de Yael Braun-Privet and Conseillère Municipale de Maisons-Laffitte, who made it all happen for us!


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