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"Creating better Food Story" workshop

Here is a little recap from Lynn about the workshop. Thank you!

Thanks to Muriel for opening her house and kitchen for a cooking class today. The aim today was to demonstrate how simple it can be, using mainly store cupboard ingredients, to create tasty food that helps us to eat better. We are often told about superfoods but really this is a marketing term for any nutritious food that happens to be in the media. The real superfoods are plants - to have lots of them and diversify as much as possible. 

In January, there are lots of posts about eating better and a lot of it implies cutting out lots of things or eating fresh everything, that everything we eat should be cooked from scratch. Today we cooked a spiced Indian inspired rice dish and a simple dhal from mainly tinned, dried and frozen ingredients. We added some poppadoms (cooked using the microwave), a very simple raita, some chutney and pickles from our friendly Asian supermarket followed by some mango and fromage blanc.

There was very little leftovers so I think people were happy with the food! It was a lovely atmosphere with lots of chatter and hands on cooking.

If anyone wishes to try one of the recipes then I can share the spiced rice recipe


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