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Let's talk

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

MLI members had the opportunity to exchange via zoom with their elected representatives for international affairs in the townhall, Anne Bailly and Charles=Philippe Morgues.

You can check out the minutes below:

Meeting MLI

December 9, 2020

14 participants.

Presentation of all participants

A good number of members indicate that one of the main attractiveness of ML is the Ermitage.

Expression of concerns/questions:

  • Missing doctors, in particular English speaking doctors.

  • How to improve ML attractiveness: financial support from the city hall? /other incentives?

  • Shell we better communicate/reach doctors early in their installation process?

TBC / discussed with J. Myard by Anne and CP How to answer that concern

Benchmark with cities around.

Proposed support from MLI for mutual benefit, il MLI to Benchmark – ML to benefit from others’ experiences

  • Access to French classes

Bad experiences with the association in front of the swimming pool, candidates pusses back.

Check who this association is targeting

Check if we can push on the association to accept more candidates potentially readers to pay for classes.

Check if other association to recommence (math action et langue?)

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