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MLI - Let’s keep in touch from home

Hope you coping well during these strange times. We wanted to let you know that the board is thinking of all of you and coming together to create lots of opportunities to reunite and keep busy.

We will be having various events with Zoom. Please download the app! Ideally on your computer so you can see all the participants, but it can also be used on your phone. There will be aperitivos, cooking classes, and lots of discussion groups! Sky is the limit for these meetings, so please reach out to our board members and tell us your interests and what you would like to talk about. Ideas: sports, hobbies, DIY crafts, movie/Netflix series, books, cooking? The events will be posted on our web, just register and you will be get sent information on how to join.

We will also be creating WhatsApp subgroups so you can chat openly with other members and share ideas and stay involved with the community. FYI: Group notifications can be turned off so they don’t come up constantly on your screen, and can be opened only when desired.

Here are some of the subgroups that have been created, please feel free to create more! Let’s connect with people that share our interests.

- MLI open chat: to discuss current news and useful information.

- Crafts/Ideas for toddlers & kids

- Cooking ideas: what ingredients do you have in your kitchen today? Share them and let’s come up with some nice dishes for your family.

- DIY/Crafts for adults

- How to keep busy- ideas: share videos, tutorials, and positive energy!

- Support group: are you having a hard time with isolation? Let’s support each other here, only positive energy allowed.

Join the group that is of interest for you. If you’d like to start another one, let a board member know! It’s so important to connect, keep moving and positive! Stay strong everyone.

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