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MLI Survey Results

MLI survey results
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MLI Member Survey Results

Thank you to those who completed the survey!

The WordCloud above is based on your input on what MLI stands for. The survey results show that MLI members joined to be part of the vibrant multicultural community that MLI represents. You love MLI because of its social events (both smaller events and large parties), networking, socializing, exchanging views and cultural experiences.

You are grateful to the members who organized events during Covid restrictions. The survey shows that there is interest in continuing such activities during these difficult times. We would love to hear about new, creative ideas for future events.

You indicated that you are happy with how MLI communicates events through WhatsApp, e-mail and the website. An overwhelming majority of respondents also read the newsletter (please contact us if you do not receive the newsletter).

In terms of suggestions for improvement, you recommended additional activities and expressed interest in having more family-friendly events and more events outside business hours and on weekends. Another outcome is that we need to encourage members to initiate and set-up events. Some respondents also mentioned specific ideas for new events.

The MLI board would be pleased to help people who want to organise any new events.

We encourage you to come forward with any ideas, be it for events, newsletter articles or any other initiatives. Don’t hesitate to contact the board members directly or send an e-mail to maisons.laffitte.international@gmail.com.

To find the survey results and the conclusions, please click on this link


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