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MLI X-Mas Party

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

During the second MLI Christmas Party, the local international community in and around Maisons-Laffitte connected and danced along the rhythms of the Xmas Gringe together with their singers Cloe and #NaomieJourno and the playlists of DJ's Annelies, Manpreet, and Xavier.

To make this party such a success, so many people gave their hand, changing a sports hall into a cozy, Christmassy dance hall and taking it down in no time again! Thank you to everyone who helped! A special thank you goes to the amazing decorating team Elizabeth, Sui-Linn, Claudia, Susana, Nancy, Maria-Eva, Tavleen, and the many others who helped install on the day. Last but not least a big ovation to the girls from Ermitage who gave their community service hours to MLI making sure everyone was served a drink.

The best moments of the party and the souvenir pictures with Frosty the MLI Xmas mascot can be seen on the members-only facebook group!

This was our second Xmas party, even bigger success than the first one. Beyond expectations, 120 people participated! The board and the organizers have been grateful for all your feedback, next time we can make it even better!


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