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Municipal elections

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Over eighteens with a European Union passport have the right to participate in the elections for the town hall council of the EU country they are living in, plus the elections for the European Parliament.

If you want to exercise this civil right for the following municipal elections held 15th and 22nd of March 2020, you need to register yourself on your local list of voters before the 7th of February, i.e. 6 weeks before the elections.

To do so, present yourself with the following documents at the townhall counter:

1. Passport as proof of nationality

2. Proof of residency within the last 3 months (justificatif de domicile)

3. A declaration that you are not voting in another country for the municipalities

4. A filled out CERFA document 12670 * 02 ("Demande d'inscription sur les listes électorales a l'usage des citoyens non-français de l'union europeenne elections municipales")


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