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Savor the Change: Balancing Style, Body, and Healthy Cuisine in Midlife

This week, some of our members got together for a cozy workshop to learn about and celebrate the journey through (peri)menopause. The workshop was a mix of healthy eating tips and fashion advice, co-presented by MLI members Lynn Burns, a nutritionist and author, and Kim Petyt, a Certified Image Consultant specializing in midlife women.Lynn shared advice on healthy eating habits to support hormonal balance and overall well-being. We learned about incorporating nutrient-rich foods into our diets and managing symptoms like hot flashes and fatigue. With her hands-on cooking demo, she turned ordinary ingredients into culinary delights, nourishing both body and soul. Kim provided personalized guidance on dressing for one's changing body shape through the midlife years.  Through individual body measurement sessions and heaps of practical tips, she showed us how to strut our stuff with confidence, no matter our shape or size.

The workshop ended with a shared meal and interactive games that brought everyone closer together. We left feeling empowered and inspired to navigate this significant life stage with grace and confidence.


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