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Who we are and what we do


MLI brings together the international community in and around Maisons-Laffitte.

The association welcomes internationally-minded people.

Our members come from all around the world and speak more than 20 different languages.

MLI thrives thanks to the social events organised by its members, such as family gatherings, sharing cultural traditions, parties, sports outings, coffee mornings, potlucks, cooking classes, book clubs, language conversation groups etc.  We invite our members to take new initiatives.

The association also provides an opportunity for professional networking, personal development through workshops and getting involved in the local community.

Join us and become part of our vibrant and welcoming community!

Board members


Kathrin GÖVERT


German, in Maisons-Laffitte since September 2017, lived before in Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and Benin. She has an MBA in Economy and Management des Associations, is an Intercultural Trainer and German Language Teacher. MLI is already the second international association she has founded. In the moment she is teaching German in a Lycée and at the Pantheon-Assas University. Loves dancing, skiing, hiking, travelling and learning languages.



Vice president

Hungarian, in Maisons-Laffitte since 2014. Previously lived in Brazil, France and Russia. Has a son and three daughters. She has business and sports management background, experience in organizing international sport events. Has an active lifestyle with her 4 kids and loves traveling and socializing. 


Claudia DISCO


Dutch national, living in Maisons-Laffitte with her French husband and their three children. Besides the Netherlands and France, she has lived in Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Her professional background is in HR. Today she is a certified life coach. Enjoys yoga, tennis and is passionate about cultural differences and neurosciences. 


Janhavi  THAKUR


Indian. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, and has lived in New York, Paris before landing in Maisons-Laffitte in July 2020 with her husband and two children. Her professional background is in Business Management, Marketing and she has been an entrepreneur for last 15 years. Passionate about travel, reading, cinema and good food.


Sui-Linn WHITE

Board member

Australian, moved to Le Mesnil Le Roi in November 2021 with her husband and three daughters. Background in education and experience with community based organisations. Has travelled numerous times in Europe but this is her first time living abroad. Loves teaching and making art, gardening and cooking.


Labkhand (Labi) MEHRAVAND

Board member

Iranian. Born in Iran and raised in Iran and then in Italy, and was living in Rueil Mailmason before landing in Maisons-Laffitte in November 2020. She has a degree in electrical engineering and her domain of expertise is in after sales management. Passionate about reading, cinema and her little dog.



Board member

British.  Lives in Maisons-Laffitte since 2016.  Retired.  Previously lived in the Netherlands, Dubai, Vietnam. 2 children.  Loves sport (golf, tennis, skiing), cinema and good food.

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