To bring the international community together. Whether you have just arrived or you have been  in Maisons Laffitte for some time, whether you are french or coming from a different culture, this is a space for everyone to unite.

Maisons-Laffitte International Association has a goal of uniting the people of the neighbourhood and bringing us together as an international community without boundaries.


The association welcomes newcomers and organizes events for networking, family days, parties, sport outings, potlucks, workshops to name a few. We are constantly growing, and not only are we open for those who would like to join us as members, but also for those who would like to become part of the organizational team.


Maisons-Laffitte International, MLI brings together men and women from all over the world in Maisons-Laffitte and Le Mesnil-le-Roi. The main purpose is to share and enjoy cultural activities, events and businesses between the members.

Arriving at Maisons-Laffitte it is just the beginning of

a wonderful experience!

Create a home away from home for the wonderful international community of Maisons Laffitte.  We aspire to have yearly, monthly and weekly activities for all the people of the Association.

Board members


Kathrin GÖVERT


German, in Maisons-Laffitte since September 2017, lived before in Italy, Switzerland, France, Benin and Netherlands. She has an MBA in Economics, is an Intercultural Trainer and German Language Teacher. MLI is already the second international association she has founded. She is now studying the management of associations at IAE Sorbonne. Loves dancing, skiing, learning languages, hiking and being with her 4 kids.



Vice president

Hungarian, in Maisons-Laffitte since 2014. Previously lived in Brazil, France and Russia. Has a son and three daughters. She has business and sports management background, experience in organizing international sport events. Has an active lifestyle with her 4 kids and loves traveling and socializing. 




Born and raised in Croatia, she became a lawyer in New York where lived for 13 years. Worked at international law firms in Brussels, Vienna and other European countries as well as at Zurich Insurance where she was advisor and corporate secretary to several Boards of Directors and Credit Committees. In Maisons-Laffitte since 2­016. Married with two teenage children at Ermitage. Traveler, reader, socially active, engaged in charitable causes, enjoys tennis and sports.

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Eelko de VRIES


Dutch Australian. Moved to Maisons-Laffitte in August 2020 with his wife and two daughters. Previously lived, studied or worked in Australia, Belgium, Indonesia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore. Studied Cultural Anthropology as well as Business Administration, and has worked in increasingly senior financial management roles in different industries. Loves to get lost in nature while hiking or cycling.

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Claudia DISCO

Board member

Dutch, in Maisons-Laffitte since 2019 with her French husband and their three children. Besides the Netherlands and France, she has lived in Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Her professional background is in Human Resources. Three years ago she created her own portable business as a life coach. Passionate about traveling, spending time with friends and family, nature and loves learning more about different human sciences.  


Board member

Turkish-Belgian. Born and raised in Istanbul, has lived and worked in Brussels and Paris. In Maisons-Laffitte since 2010 with her husband and son (10y). Studied Political Science in Brussels and in the College of Europe in Bruges. Professional in European Affairs. Loves singing, cultural exchanges and reading. 



Board member

From Romania, lives in Maisons-Laffitte since June 2017. She has one son. Studied Veterinary Medicine. Passionate about traveling, loves yoga, bicycling and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

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Board member

British.  Lives in Maisons-Laffitte since 2016.  Retired.  Previously lived in the Netherlands, Dubai, Vietnam. 2 children.  Loves sport (golf, tennis, skiing), cinema, good food.

Want to be a member?

Maisons Laffitte International

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