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Blockchain 2nd Workshop - Making sense of it all with Laure

Last Saturday, a group of MLI members came together for a down-to-earth session with blockchain whiz Laure Merlin. Using LEGO®️ bricks, Laure made blockchain easy to grasp.

From what Bitcoin and mining is all about, participants got the lowdown. They could ask their questions, and Laure gave straight-up answers.

Thank you Laure!

Laure is a renowned expert in blockchain technology, with extensive experience in both theoretical understanding and practical implementation. With a passion for educating and empowering others, she has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on blockchain, both in English and French.

Using LEGO®️ bricks, Laure models all the main actors, processes, concepts involved in Blockchain. She usually trains corporates of several industries to give them a chance to get pass the many misconceptions.


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