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A Spooktacular Soiree: Halloween Fun at Robin and Vinh's Mansion

On a crisp October evening, the charming town of Maisons-Laffitte was the backdrop for a Halloween party like no other. Robin and Vinh, our gracious hosts, welcomed friends from all over the world to their stunning house, setting the stage for a night of spooky fun.

Vinh, a culinary wizard, treated us to a delightful surprise – a feast of Vietnamese dishes.

As the night went on, the talented band, "The Puzzle," transported us with a medley of international tunes. Fabio's skillful guitar strumming and Madeleine's enchanting voice had everyone dancing the night away. Esteban showcased his drumming skills, setting the rhythm for the night, while Diego mesmerized us with his captivating singing. Their music added a magical touch to the Halloween festivities.

While some friends huddled around the screen to watch the Rugby Finals, others joined the dance floor, adding to the lively atmosphere. Cheers, laughter, and music filled the air, making the night truly special.

The highlight of the evening was the house itself, transformed into a Halloween wonderland. Every corner was decked out with spooky decorations, cobwebs, and ghostly figures. The gardens were enveloped in an eerie mist, and pumpkin lanterns added to the spooky ambiance.

As midnight approached, the mansion seemed to come alive with the Halloween spirit. Friends from around the world had shared stories, enjoyed international flavors, and celebrated the thrill of a world-class rugby match. The enchanting night came to a close, leaving us with lasting memories and a sense of gratitude.

Robin and Vinh's mansion wasn't just a house; it was a welcoming place for friends from all over. It was a reminder of the joy of coming together to celebrate life and friendship. As we left, we knew we had experienced something truly special.

The beautiful mansion in Maisons-Laffitte was the backdrop for an extraordinary Halloween party, a testament to the power of friendship and the joy of celebrating life together. As the final guest bid their farewell, the venue awaited the next adventure, the upcoming party, and the forthcoming chapter in the wondrous world of Robin and Vinh.


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